Socio-economic value

17 September 2022 г. 5 minutes of reading

Socio-economic value

Gold Quarry creates value for our host communities through local job creation, purchasing, tax payments and donations. This value helps reduce poverty, support strong communities, and promote wealth and prosperity. We measure this value with Gold Quarry's Benefit Footprint, our metric for tracking the distribution of our direct economic footprint in host communities. We seek to add value by engaging with local governments, communities and public institutions to find ways to turn benefits into sustainable, long-term improvements that last beyond mine closure.


In 2021, Gold Quarry ltd. achieved significant benefits by spending more than $3.5 billion in host countries on tax payments, job creation, procurement, and community support. Our goal is to maximize the economic value of our business, which in turn brings social and economic benefits to host countries and communities. Through these direct benefits, the wealth generated from our mining activities helps reduce poverty, support strong communities, and promote wealth and prosperity.

Local employment

Creating meaningful livelihoods for our employees is one of the most powerful positive social impacts of our business, especially when we are able to create new opportunities for diverse and potentially vulnerable groups that may have disabilities, such as women, youth and people in remote areas. . Our company employs more than 9,000 people in a wide variety of specialties and professions - from geologists and miners to engineers, electricians, mechanics, accountants, information technology specialists, etc. About 99% of our entire workforce and 92% of managers are from host countries.

The skills, knowledge and experience that our employees acquire while working at Gold Quarry ltd. help them to be successful throughout their careers. Employment stability and compensation help improve the well-being of our employees and their families.

Local purchases

We purchase a wide range of materials and services to support our mining operations. Through our supplier group and public relations department, we aim to leverage the purchasing power of Gold Quarry ltd. to support local businesses and promote local sustainability. Together with our local purchasing departments, we work with local suppliers to reach our company-wide target of 75% to 80% spending in host countries. We have met or exceeded our domestic spending target for five consecutive years.