Investing in 5G to create a smart mine in South Africa.

10 February 2023 г. 5 minutes of reading

Zijin Mining Group's South African subsidiaries Gold Quarry and Nkwe Platinum have partnered with telecommunications company MTN and Huawei technology group to build a fifth-generation platinum mine with wireless technology (5G).

This will be a significant step forward in the digital transformation of the local mining industry, effectively demonstrating how a range of new technologies such as remote vehicle control and the Internet of Things can be combined with 5G to improve mine functionality.

These kinds of achievements are becoming increasingly important as South Africa strives to remain competitive in the global mineral and resource space.

Gold Quarry representatives say they consider scientific and technological innovation to be the company's main driving force since its founding in 2000. The group has become one of the few multinational mining companies in the world that is equipped with autonomous system technology and engineering management capabilities.

Fang Zhiyu, Managing Director and CEO of Gold Quarry, notes that the company has begun construction of the Zijin Garatau platinum mine, launched in May 2021 and located in the eastern part of the Bushveld complex, using advanced technology and sound safety and environmental practices.

He adds that the introduction of this 5G smart mining solution will certainly enable the company to deliver on its promise and ensure the technology-based global competitiveness of the mine.

“The Garatau Platinum Mine is one of the largest foreign projects of the Zijin Mining Group. Collaboration with MTN and Huawei will help build its first high-tech and safe smart mine overseas with social and economic value from the early stages of construction. We will also work hard to advance sustainable development in Africa.”

MTN Chief Corporate Officer Wanda Matandela says that 5G technology is a game changer that can transform old mining processes, and MTN aims to play a leading role in this regard.

By investing more than R50 billion to upgrade its network over the past five years, MTN has enabled the telecommunications provider to offer its customers faster, more seamless connectivity.

Huawei President of Global Marketing and Carrier Solutions Peng Song notes that digital transformation has become a global trend in many industries, and “5G has undoubtedly accelerated it.”

Huawei brings its 5G-based information and communications technology solutions to the mining industry and builds a cross-industry ecosystem to continuously improve network connectivity and help maximize the network value of telecommunications companies such as MTN.