Our product is gold

Gold is a naturally occurring metal that has been seen throughout human history as a symbol of wealth, beauty, and a long-lasting currency.

Investing in gold is a type of investment designed to preserve capital and profit from an increase in the price of an asset in the long term. The precious metal has high liquidity, is not tied to the economy of any country and does not deteriorate over the years. Many people think that investing in gold is the privilege of only large players, but this is not true. In practice, such investments are available to everyone, even novice investors.

The main areas of application of gold


Gold is a long-term store of value independent of other assets. Since its price often moves counter-cyclically, it can protect or improve the performance of an investment portfolio and reduce volatility.

The volume of gold bought by investors has grown steadily over the past three decades. In 2020, investment demand increased by 40% due to increased economic uncertainty, an increase in negative yield debt stocks and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Central banks are also a powerful source of demand, which has grown steadily over the past decade.

Medicine and dentistry

Radioactive gold is used to treat several types of cancer. Gold leaf is used to treat chronic ulcers and is used in surgery to suture damaged blood vessels, nerves, bones, and membranes.

Each year, dentists alone use about 30 tons of gold to make crowns, gold inlays and dentures due to their high resistance to corrosion and tarnishing.

The ductility and non-allergenicity of gold makes it ideal for use in dentistry.

The shops

Gold is the most beautiful metal known to mankind. The jewelry industry is the main consumer of gold in the world market. Many gold jewels have come to us from time immemorial, having survived for millennia. In these exquisite jewelry masterpieces, the natural beauty of metal has merged with the skillful craftsmanship of ancient goldsmiths. Gold does not age over time, and craftsmanship does not depreciate! In the modern world, yellow metal jewelry personifies the status of their owner in society, and also carries aesthetic beauty.

Historically, gold jewelry has been the strongest source of demand, accounting for about 50% of total demand. In 2021, jewelry demand grew by 52%, recovering from losses suffered in 2020.

The largest markets for gold jewelry are India and China