Corporate social responsibility

Corporation Gold Quarry pays great attention to the implementation and observance of world-level standards in the field of corporate responsibility, including environmental safety, labor protection and interaction with the local population.

Gold Quarry voluntarily undertakes additional obligations to society. That is, we not only pay orders, produce quality and safe products, but also additionally invest in our employees and the environment.

Gold Quarry Values ​​and Principles

We are confident that conscientious attitude to the environment and social responsibility are integral components of business in the modern world.

Gold Quarry is a gold reserve for a universal investor. We believe that our emphasis on minimizing risks, paying dividends and maintaining a reliable balance sheet along with high environmental, social and governance standards is attractive to a wide range of investors.

Industrial safety

Care about people and safety of employees are recognized priorities of Gold Quarry companies. Indicators in the field of industrial safety are an integral part of our strategy when compiling the annual production plan. To reduce to a minimum the probability of occupational diseases and injuries in the mines, Gold Quarry conducts trainings and provides employees with personal protective equipment.


We, at Gold Quarry, attach great importance to environmental responsibility. The company strives to minimize our impact on the environment for future generations. With the beginning of our ecologically clean process Re-2Ox on basic studies, we are actively fulfilling our environmental obligations. Our approach covers all aspects of the mining process, from the exploration stage to decommissioning, we constantly monitor the effectiveness of all our operations.