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19 June 2024 г.

Jeff Clark: the next target for gold is $2,500

The price of gold has fallen from the record highs of early 2024, but Jeff Clark, editor of Paydirt Prospector, believes the yellow precious metal will continue to rise through the end of 2024.

16 June 2024 г.

Analytics: are we approaching

According to some experts, the situation with gold may soon become a little unstable. They believe that the yellow precious metal is moving faster and faster towards its "mining peak", Stockhead reports.

11 June 2024 г.

Summer 2024: a review of China's gold stockpile

The recent drop in gold prices was due to two factors that caused the yellow precious metal to fall below the $2,300 per ounce mark. The positive U.S. labor market and China's central bank are being held responsible.

06 June 2024 г.

Clint Ziegner: Gold in Crisis

U.S. residents' confidence in public authorities continues to decline. In the coming years, this topic will become the dominant one for investors. It is important to choose an asset that will at least allow you to preserve your existing savings from crisis events that may occur at any moment.

03 June 2024 г.

The share of gold in the world's reserves has overtaken the euro

Large-scale purchases of gold by central banks since 2009 and rising gold prices have resulted in the precious metal's share in the world's international reserves increasing to the detriment of fiat currencies.