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23 March 2023 г.

The price of gold exceeded $2,000 an ounce for the first time since April 2022.

Gold quotes are rising against the backdrop of problems in the banking sector in the US and Europe and the collapse of shares in the financial sector

14 March 2023 г.

The rise in the price of gold against the backdrop of the collapse of banks in the United States

Within a few days, three banks went bankrupt in the US. The FDIC and the Fed are trying to nip a new financial crisis in the bud. Against this background, the world price of gold is growing.

08 March 2023 г.

Gold Quarry has decided to lower the minimum investment

Gold Quarry has decided to lower the minimum investment and we believe this will greatly benefit our customers.

01 March 2023 г.

China is the leader in the production and demand for gold in the world.

China was able to produce 10% of the world's gold production by the end of 2022. Moreover, it also imported 37% of the precious metal mined in the world last year.

10 February 2023 г.

Investing in 5G to create a smart mine in South Africa.

Zijin Mining Group's South African subsidiaries Gold Quarry and Nkwe Platinum have partnered with telecommunications company MTN and Huawei technology group to build a fifth-generation platinum mine with wireless technology (5G).