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25 May 2024 г.

Russia's gold reserve rose to a new record in April

Russia has increased its gold reserve by another 3 tons by the end of April this year 2024. The total value of gold in Russian reserves recently amounted to 175 billion US dollars.

22 May 2024 г.

Analyst: gold price rose above $2400

Gold prices continue their uptrend, and after a decisive break above the $2,400 per ounce mark, analysts and traders are wondering how much higher the yellow precious metal can go in the current environment, according to Kitco News.

18 May 2024 г.

Analytics 2024: upside potential for gold and silver

Gold, silver and platinum prices have risen significantly this 2024, and analysts expect the precious metals to hit new record highs in the coming months, CNBC reported.

14 May 2024 г.

Ross Norman: China was the reason for gold's rise

The record rise in gold prices to over $2,400 per ounce has sparked much discussion about the driving forces behind the price increase. In an interview with Investing News Network, Ross Norman of explained China's key role in the rise in gold prices.

09 May 2024 г.

China is facing a “fake gold” problem

The recent rise in gold prices has sparked a “gold rush” in China, but this has been accompanied by an increase in gold fraud. Not all buyers can tell real gold from fake gold the first time.