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26 March 2024 г.

Dubai: regulation and control of gold transit

The World Gold Council will work with Dubai to address the problems associated with the unauthorized transportation of gold. Andrew Naylor, WGC's Middle East and Public Policy Director, told the Khaleej Times newspaper that gold in passengers' carry-on luggage is a particular problem.

16 March 2024 г.

Forecast: gold price to reach $2535 by summer 2024

The gold market continues to consolidate after hitting record highs, and while the price has room to fall further, one market strategist believes the precious metal will eventually head upwards.

04 March 2024 г.

Gold is the key to an important part of the monetary system

Central banks around the world are increasing their gold purchases. Bob Minter, head of investment strategy at Aberdeen Standard Investment, sees this as a strategic move in abandoning the US dollar amid geopolitical tensions.

13 February 2024 г.

Russia sells US bonds but builds up gold reserves

Central banks around the world purchased significant amounts of gold in 2023. Particularly striking was the activity of China, whose gold reserves increased by 225 tons during the year.

02 February 2024 г.

That's how much gold China got in 2023

China purchased 439 tons of gold from Switzerland for the whole of last year 2023, which corresponds to 28% of total Swiss gold exports. China is not only the largest producer of gold in the world, but also its consumer. Demand there is always at a high level.