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14 September 2023 г.


Dear customers, We are delighted to share some wonderful news with you: a presentation dedicated to our company is now available on our official website.

13 September 2023 г.

For the 10th consecutive month, China has dumped dollars and accumulated gold

Diversification of reserves continues

02 August 2023 г.

The price of gold will rise again in the fall

Precious metals market expert Rob McEwen told The Investing News Network in a recent interview about his current views on gold and the commodities market in general. The chairman and CEO of McEwen Mining said in the interview that the price of gold has reached a seasonal low and will rise again in the fall.

01 August 2023 г.

China's central bank buys gold for ninth straight month

Gold bullion held by the People's Bank of China rose by 740,000 troy ounces. This is equivalent to about 23 tons. Total holdings now stand at 2,137 tons, with about 188 tons added in purchases that began in November.

27 July 2023 г.

JPMorgan predicts a record gold price in 2024

Greg Shire, the Executive Director of the Commodity Research Department at JPMorgan, believes that in the fourth quarter of next year, the price of gold will reach $2175 per ounce.